Grażyna M. Grobelna

   Polish artist and philosopher 

"In art, I find endless possibilities of expressing how I see the world, in an indirect way. I want to give the spectator a glimpse into my vision. The vision that is opened up for an encounter with another person”

Grażyna M. Grobelna 

Polish artist and philosopher

Born in 1984 in Poznań, Poland

professional eurythmic dancer and teacher and – as she calls herself – “a humanist of music”. 

2010 Graduated from the Academy of Music, Poznań, Poland 

2009 gratuated from Department of Philosophy at the Adam Mickiewicz University, 

2009/2010 scholarship winner, Hochschule fuer Musik, Theater und Medien (HMTM,Hannover, Germany)

Arts have always been unity for her. In 2012 she started expanding her expression as an artist also into other fields of visual arts. 

Her paintings are an individual, distinct and reserved artistic utterance. 

Her main focus are motifs of travelling, thinking, sense impressions, patience and waiting.

Grażyna wrote and performed a monodrama entitled: ”Transparent”.  She is an author of short stories for children (in 2013 she published “Himmy, Hersy and the Two Ballons). She is a co-founder of the Atofri Theatre for children. 

Grażyna M. Grobelna conducts workshops in vocal improvisation and visual expression.